shelter O3HP

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Next to the central O3HP field plot, a building (Bât. A) has been modified to suit laboratory-like conditions, and hosts the power distribution for the central site and remote applications.


 bâtiment A, shelter O3HP

Fig. 1: Bâtiment A - shelter next to the O3HP field plot (rain exclusion device in the background).

The building is heated, and has recently been equipped with a reversible air-conditioning system (Daikin). Air inlet and air exhaust ventilation is assured as to be able to manipulate using gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen (pressurised containers). Passages in the rear wall allow easy connection of sampling lines to instruments in the interior of the building.

The electrical power supply (three phases) is designed to enable a homogeneous redistribution of power demands concerning Bät A, the scaffolding and a 80m-remote power supply, to a maximum of 3*63 A. Currents may be read separately for each phase at the mains.

The shelter has access to the local network of the data acquisition devices on the site, and the observatory OHP & the internet via an optical fibre.

An electrical fencing ( is installed to repel wild boar, deer and domestic animals and encloses about 1 ha of forest to the north and the east of the building.